Many producers would be happy if they can make a sound whole lot nicer with turning on the plugin and turning a simple knob. Here we are proudly showing Nicerizer. Nicerizer gives you color even in 0%, and it varies by the input level and a single parameter, “Nice”. Be ready to make your vocal, guitar, bass, drum, and parallel mix sound nicer with Nicerizer!


Nicerizer was launched to make things sound ‘nicer.’ How about making things sound badass? Here we have Badassizer, more crisp than Nicerizer, and can be more tight and responsive. You can increase “Badass” parameter for more effect, and “Tight” parameter for tighter response. Make your guitar, vocal, bass, drums sound badass with Badassizer!


There’s many way to destroy the sound, but we all know cassette does it with most pleasant way to get vintage vibe. Here we have Uglizer, not just a tape simulator, but can be used as a single-knob overdrive pedal for guitar and bass, and many more. You can make the sound ugly when using it on vocals, instrument bus, or mix bus. You can make sound pleasant before guitar or bass amp, or parallel mix. Choice is yours!


$9.99 each

or $24.99 in bundle!